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Lab Series El Salvador La Esperanza

Lab Series El Salvador La Esperanza

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Tasting Notes: Forest Berries, Chocolate, Complex

Finca La Esperanza is very committed to conservation. The 87.5 hectares of farmland starts at 1,000 masl and skyrockets to 1,800 masl. This means that with the amount of rain they get per year soil erosion is a major concern. Every four years they do a complete soil overhaul by adding organic matter they have composted, that comes from the by-products of coffee farming (cherry pulp, branches, leaves). Another method is planting a quick-growing Izote, which happens to be the national flower of El Salvador, in horizontal lines along the hillsides. This creates great root barriers for nutrients and soil.

The farm itself is broken up into 18 distinct tablones (lots) based on their microclimates. This coffee is a blend all all the Pacamara trees grown across those 18 lots.